Hernandez Promotes Immigration Rights, Education, for Working Families

State Rep. Elizabeth “Lisa” Hernandez, D-Cicero, has worked hard to develop measures that protect immigrants, advance the creation of a media literacy curriculum in schools, and provide housing relief for working families. “Immigrants are an essential part of our communities, which is why I lead the charge to ensure the Department of Human Services conducts an information campaign to inform immigrants of their rights,” said Hernandez. “Knowing your rights is the difference between a longstanding issue and or an easy solution. Families of immigrants need this information as it is critical they know what resources are available to them to help them in the struggles they face.”

Hernandez backed House Bill 709, which encourages the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) to create an information campaign to educate immigrants of their legal rights under both Federal and Illinois laws. IDHS already has information available on its website regarding know your rights for immigrants. The Hernandez-backed legislation will persuade the Department to actively promote that information. Additionally, Hernandez championed the advancement of House Bill 234, which gives High School students a chance to take a class on media literacy. Social media and the internet have now become a permanent fixture of everyday life. The legislation will expand students’ curriculums to give them a crucial understanding of modern media. “Students need to be given the skills and knowledge on how to differentiate between what is real and fake news,” Hernandez said. “This legislation is about making sure our students adapt to a constantly changing world through critical thinking.”