Latino Caucus Condemns Trump’s Fear Mongering

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – The Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus released the following statement in response to President Donald Trump deliberately terrorizing immigrant parents and their children as a negotiation tactic:

“Like each and every single one of us, immigrant parents work hard every day to raise their children and contribute to their communities. Yet Donald Trump is deliberately casting fear among families in order to force through his bigoted agenda. Thankfully, we have taken action at the state-level to protect immigrant communities and set an example for other states to follow. Last week, legislation was signed into law to prevent local law enforcement from being forced into agreements with ICE agents to assist them in carrying out deportation policies, as well as to abolish for-profit detention centers.

“We applaud the outpouring of support and organizing from community leaders here at home and around the country. During times like these, we must stand up for our immigrant neighbors and ensure they understand their rights.

“We call on all local municipalities to follow Chicago’s lead and publicly affirm that they will not cooperate in the separation of families, and urge our congressional delegation to stand their ground and not compromise on our shared values of diversity and family.”

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